Born in Chicago and raised in Athens, GA and Clemson, SC,  Evan Dehner is as a musician constantly trying to remind everyone where modern music comes from.  On any given night hearing him play here or there, you'll almost never hear him play a song you recognize.  He plays a variety of styles steeped in American tradition.  From blues to New Orleans jazz styles to bluegrass and traditional country,  you always hear a common thread..  

A seasoned performer, bandleader and sideman, Evan will be seen playing a variety of instruments in a multitude  of styles.  As a solo performer he tends to go back toward his first love....the blues, but not in the modern sense.  

Lately playing piano in the 8 piece ensemble the Wobblers, Evan has expanded his stylistic realm to new places, playing jazz standards, arranging and rearranging tunes as well as writing new material and performing with the group all over the Upstate and beyond.

The Wobblers released an EP of newly recorded material in 2021  More info about the Wobblers at